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Mix six priceless works of art, a missing dealer, some serious insurance fraud, then throw in a few smart investigators, and what do you get? A fast paced page turner that forces you to take notice.

Billionaire, Sam Richards, had no trouble outbidding the other hopefuls when six masterpieces went under the hammer at Marcus Murray’s, Z Block art gallery. A few weeks later the paintings were stolen from the Richards’ mansion. Insurance fraud, was the hot-gossip throughout the art world.

Detective Alexandra Miller defies the rulebook when she goes solo to talk to an informer in a part of town where the local currency was gang violence, not precious art works. Miller discovers the paintings are on Sam Richards’ yacht, which is bound for his South Pacific getaway island.

Senior Sergeant, Tony Vascelli and Senior Detective, Tim Newman, are desperate to know who set the cargo wharf firebomb and to identify a male seen running from the area.

The action driven plot is a race against time to unravel a complex chain of events, including a sea chase to the island of Nauru, kidnapping and murder.

The Art Dealer, demonstrates people will do anything to get their hands on five-hundred million dollars. 

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